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Media Analysis

Analyzing Mattel’s Barbie Vlog: Vlogging Culture and Cognitive Child Development

This essay won First Place for Best Media Analysis/Critique, in the Klein School of Media Studies and Production Awards, 2019 (MSP Awards).  It analyzes vlogging culture in conjunction with children's media habits and integrated advertising. The essay looks at the evolution of Mattel's Barbie brand, from its creation through its current branding in screen media and use of YouTube.

Portrayal of Relationships in Children's Media

A study on the variances and portrayal of relationships within children's media, with a focus on television and films. This paper reflects on both the current state of this media, and given opinion on future developments and repercussions.

Analysis of 17th Cenury Pastoral Poetry

An academic paper, exploring the relationship between time, love, and domestication. Utilizing extensive entomology-based research and the Oxford English Dictionary.

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